Upgrading T2i (550)

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Re: Upgrading T2i (550)

The family/kid stuff is what made me think about this too, but I realized I'd need at least a couple of extra stops to get flash-free photos of a very active kid.

One more thing about flash, if you feel a bit adventurous about your flash, try some lithium batteries, like the energizer ultimate ones. They cut the recycle time in the old 550ex so much that I can almost shoot with the burst enabled and not miss many shots. They give about 1.7 volts, unlike the 1.5 alkalines and 1.2 NiMh, apparently can handle a lot of current and are also much lighter BUT you can get probably burns from them if you take more than a few dozen shots in a row because they heat up like crazy (and they are rather expensive unfortunately). This is the thing that has increased my flash keeper rates the most since I usually lost shots waiting for recycle.

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