Food for thought - FF vs M4/3's cost

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Re: It IS a big difference

Vlad S wrote:

papillon_65 wrote:

Well to me a 1lb or two isn't a big difference but then I'm a fit and healthy 6' 2" 220lb man and not a wheezing pensioner, if I was it might be. It's all relative and I don't see a big difference between a Canon 5DII with a couple of primes and GH3/OMD and similar, neither are going to break my back or slow me down.

I am pretty fit as well, but for me, practical considerations favor a smaller and lighter system by a big margin. I wanted a system that is great for travel photography. I might be hiking the whole day, which means that I would be carrying my equipment the whole day. I travel where my friends invite me, and I do not know in advance what photographic opportunities I will encounter, not can I spend much time on choosing location and scene, because there are people waiting for me. That means zooms have a huge advantage for me, and I would like to be able to cover a wide range of focal lengths. I also have to carry my food, water, and clothes with me. It all adds up.

I have used a 5DII, and at the end of the day I indeed still could move about. But I was enjoying my trip a whole lot less than when I was traveling with µ4/3.

My point being, the system has been developed for reduction in size and weight, after the failure of the original 4/3. How can you get a fair hearing if you do not allow the court to consider this?


I'm not sure how many times I can say that I acknowledge the size and weight advantage of m4/3's, especially telephoto, I am after all an m4/3's user myself. However, for my specific purposes (uwa, landscapes, reportage) there isn't much of a difference to me. Not everyone hikes and to be honest, when I want to travel light I have smaller cameras to use which have very good IQ.

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