X10 orb issue?

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Re: X10 orb issue?

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Hi all, I gather that the X10 suffered from an 'orb' problem. As I am considering the X10 how can I know if I am buying a model that doesn't suffer with this problem? I'm assuming the problem was sorted.


Both low and high numbers are generally fine, out of all the x10s sold it was only a very few that had this problem.

I started up a group, not here but somewhere else, out of the 60 or so members, not one has ever had an orb problem and the groups been around more or less since the x10`s release.

We saw it in every X10 here. Many people chose not to see them.

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Apologies if my lack of photographic knowledge is catching.

How many x10`s, 1 or 2, a hundred, a hundred hundred ?

we never saw one, not one.

And I don`t believe there was ever a new sensor developed, some sub standard sensors got through QA, sensors were simply replaced with new sensors the re calibrated.

Yes, there were so few that Fuji decided to start a sensor swap/camera replacement program, just out of the goodness of their hearts for these couple of unfortunate users who got a bad deal. Even the DPR review was so unlucky to get the orbing sample for review, as well as DC Resource, imagine the unlucky odds that two major review sites got one of the few faulty cameras ever produced.

There were many many more review sites that reviewed the camera and did not find orbs

Same way like your high quality group did not find them?

To be honest I started finding orbs in everything I looked at, the wife, the kids, the cat.

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