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Hen3ry wrote:

viorel wrote:

bowportes wrote:

Viorel, might I suggest you download a trial of PhotoLine and give their RAW conversion a go? The results might be interesting. Having looked at a couple of reviews of the G5 which spoke of this detail smearing, I was thinking that if/when I move to the G5 I will continue to shoot JPEGs, as I do with my E-PL3, but would switch to RAW + JPEG for some critical stuff -- probably including landscapes with lots of detail like this one:

Cruise ship Aurora in Rabaul harbor

Thanks Geoff, I'll give it a try. Jpegs are good enough for me, but it's nice to have a good raw converter at hand.

Gorgeous picture, btw

It is NOT heavier! It might even be lighter than the E-PL5 with VF2 attached (I shoot 95% or more with the VF2 on the E-PL3 -- literally couldn't use the E-PL3 without it).

Now I understand why you're looking after a G5. :). I also used Epl1 mostly with VF2 and I ended up with G5...

Then it was time for the linear measurements. Eh? The G5 is actually (very) slightly smaller than the E-PL5 + VF2 on two dimensions -- length and height. Thickness/depth? yes, the Oly has a big advantage there -- until you add a standard lens! Then it is pretty much of a muchness, unless you add the PZ to the G5, in which case it wins again!!!

But it continues to lookbigger and heavier. Like all those DSLRs perhaps.

There's a lot of sense in what you say. Perhaps just this dichotomy between look and feel is disconcerting. G5 is a very light camera indeed.

Cheers, Geoff

cheers, Viorel

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