Food for thought - FF vs M4/3's cost

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Re: I'm done with SLRs

David Kieltyka wrote:

For a variety of reasons. Speed-trumps-accuracy AF systems, no decent viewfinder-based manual focusing, massively heavy & expensive long reach lenses, crappy multiple aspect-ratio implementations. I could go on.

I played around yesterday with a Pentax 200mm f/4 lens and 2x tele-converter on my Oly OM-D5. The lens is small, light and (on the used market) cheap. Optics are good on 35mm format (I refuse to use the term "full frame"...AFAIC an 8x10 view camera is full frame, while 35mm is the size of an overseas airmail postage stamp) and impressively good on M43 via adapter. It also focuses down to under two meters. The handling and image quality far exceded my expectations. Now compare the cost and weight of an 800mm lens, or 400mm + 2x converter, to my little rig. Then consider the fact that I just underwent tricky spinal surgery to correct a nerve issue partially caused by decades of lugging around heavy 35mm gear.

So...I have zero interest in bulky, weighty gear. And even less interest in 35mm fetishism.

In the end it ain't the tool, it's the fool. And from now on this fool is traveling *light*.


Dave, understood, use what works, I'm not "promoting' either, just asking the question, unfortunately people tend to get a bit tetchy and defensive on either side of the fence.

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