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Re: Motherboard brand/model?

HDProman wrote:

Thanks again to all who have taken time to help me.

My computer has 6 SATA2 connections and all are being used.

One is for my optical drive and the rest internal HDs.

My C drive is the smallest, 500GB, and I will remove this drive to make a spot for the new SSD.

At this point I believe the best plan based on all your recommendations would be:

1-remove the C drive and install the SSD at that location.

2-start my computer and boot for the optical drive with my Windows 7 disk.

3-install Windows 7 on the new SSD.

4-reinstall all programs on the SSD.

5-using a disk drive dock, copy any important information from the removed old C drive.

6-make an image of your new C drive. This is your new "gold" backup.

If you want to revert to a nice clean system in a few months, just restore that image. Sure, you will have to reapply any new software updates but it can still be a serious timesaver. If you don't already have a trusted imaging system, I recommend Macrium Reflect Free.

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