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Re: Some thoughts: Here's the problem

ArvoJ wrote:

Laurence Matson wrote:

However, the basic direction of the discussion back then remains the same: Anything that is done in standard image editing programs generally belongs there. Global changes that are best handled during the raw development of X3F files, belong in SPP.

Genrally I agree, but there's one problem - maybe it is related to my personal postprocessing inability

I would like to see rotation in SPP. Not by 90/180/270 degrees, but at free angle (0.67 degrees or so; sometimes I can't level my tripod good enough), like some other raw development packages (Silkypix, Arcsoft products, Corel) do.

I would say that this operation is best to perform at raw data level (like SPP added CA correction, which by all evidence is done before other processing). Free rotation requires careful resampling, any sharpening or noise removal before this step makes results worse. Sure I have tried with other tools, but I haven't been able to get clarity/sharpness similar to SPP results. Silkypix comes close, but that unfortunately kills foveon look in other ways

If you say that such rotating and preserving foveon look is possible currently (some steps outside SPP of course), maybe you'll hint me, how? (Not in current thread, goes off-topic here).

I agree, since this a global correction, it could very well be done in SPP and perhaps with less destruction to the pixels than other programs do. As you noted, CA is also best done there for the same reason. PS is pretty destructive on rotation imo. Certainly, rotation and resizing done in one step is a real pixel killer.

And perhaps you have defined the real line: sharpening. Any global process done on the full image before sharpening should be in SPP. Of course, that opens a real discussion, because you should include real resizing and cropping now.

It will never end.

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