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Yep... those kinds of programs are not good

skyglider wrote:

Jim Cockfield wrote:

I can't figure out why you guys are seeing that, as I've never ran the AntiError program or GeekBuddy before, even though I see them installed.

IOW, it looks like you would have needed to start it manually from what I can see in the user guide about it:

No, I "never ever" started AntiError manually. Every popup that said AntiError found serious issues with my PC happened all by themselves. I did click on the AntiError icon on my desktop after I uninstalled GeekBuddy to see if that also uninstalled AntiError. Clicking the AntiError icon popped up a window saying that the link was broken. So that did not start AntiError manually either.

I just installed the free version of Comodo Internet Security from here:

Is that the one you guys used, or did you use something like the trial version of Internet Security 2013 instead (the link above is the free version I installed).

Yes, I clicked on the link that you previously provided to me, to download Comodo IS.


The only thing I can think of that may explain why I've never seen that behavior is because I've been running the Comodo Firewall for a while now (an older 5.x release), which has some of the same default deny protection the full Internet Security Suite has, and I was using it as an added layer of protection along with Avira Antivir Premium.

I uninstalled the old Comodo Products before installing the newer Internet Security Suite (and I even reinstalled it a couple of days ago to observe it's defaults).  But, perhaps it retained some of the old preferences for some reason, even though I uninstalled the earlier products. So, maybe that's why I've never seen the behavior you guys are reporting.

In any event, I agree that that kind of behavior is bad (reporting vague registry errors from what it sounds like you guys are seeing, and suggesting using their tech support to solve them).  I've never even seen those components running before, even though I see program entries for them so they were installed.

So, I'll make sure to suggest opting out (or uninstalling) the GeekBuddy components going forward; as I'm only interested in the protection aspect that Comodo provides, not any of the "snake oil" addons like it sounds like their AntiError and GeekBuddy programs are giving you.

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