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Re: I've never ran it

Jim Cockfield wrote:

I see a program entry for AntiError where it's installed, but I've never ran it.

It looks like it's something you would have needed to start manually, not something that would have ran by itself from what I can tell from the help guide about it, as I've never even noticed it before you mentioned it, and I've never seen any errors reported like that.

IOW, it's not something that I've ever started on my PC, and given your report, I don't think I'll run it.

So, yea, I would just uninstall GeekBuddy if that program is giving you errors, as I consider most of those registry check/fix programs to be "snake oil"

Hi JimC,

I never clicked on AntiError to run it either until after I uninstalled GeekBuddy.  The popups that I had said that AntiError had found serious issues with my PC and suggested calling a Comodo expert for phone assistance.  AntiError had run all by itself.

After I uninstalled GeekBuddy, I removed the icon for GeekBuddy on my desktop.  It was then that I decided to click on AntiError to see if it had also been uninstalled since it seemed to be linked to GeekBuddy.  And yes, clicking on the AntiError icon on the desktop said that the link was broken, so I deleted the AntiError icon on my desktop as well.

I'll run CCleaner on my registry and see if that stops the Comodo popups suggesting to call a Comodo expert for assistance in doing that.  (I got another popup for that this morning by the way.)

Thanks for the help,

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