Upgrading T2i (550)

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Re: Upgrading T2i (550)


I agree the T2i is a good camera. I'm just hoping that they'll improve the things that are important to me within a year or so. Number one on my list would be good higher ISO performance. The 350 gave me good images to ISO800. The 550 up to ISO3200. It would be good to get a camera that gave good images up to 12800. Dreaming?

Funny you should mention the lenses. I use a very good 15-85 for my everyday and travel lens.

I have a 55-250 for longer stuff. It's really under-powered and not that great. After doing some tests I believe it front-focuses but would cost more than it's worth to adjust.

I ordered a 70-300L but when I compared the images I took with one at a store (they sold theirs and didn't get another in so I ordered it from B&H) it was not quite as sharp so I returned it for replacement. The replacement should arrive in a couple of days.

My concern with the 70-300L is that since I hike a fair amount in national parks I want to be able to carry it in a case, switch lenses quite smoothly and use it hand-held. I used one a few times at a store and while quite a bit heavier than my 15-85, I was able to use it.

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