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Re: OK but it appears that it is telling you about junk

digitalshooter wrote:

that impacts your machine. I would download CCleaner and clean things up

Dont know much about Comodo, know more about JC on this forum and I trust his word.

You may be right but how do you think they are able to provide YOU with a free product. Yes I would be anoyed also, that is why I dont let anything other than Win updates install with out me. You just cant click yes to everything anymore when installing programs, especially the free ones.

Once you posted initially about this, I did a quick google and found the same from others about Geekbuddy. But, there was the instructions to sinply delete it.

Free is not alsways free!

Hi digitalshooter,

The purpose of my post that you responded to was just to let potential users of Comodo Free my experience using Comodo.  Note that I had previously posted "(I found on the Comodo website that GeekBuddy can be uninstalled.)" and that's what I did.

Aside from the Microsoft free anti-virus software (Security Essentials and Windows Defender), Comodo is the only other free AV software that I've tried.  MSE and WD never prompted me to call a tech for assistance nor had my previous paid for Panda AV subscription.  So having Comodo constantly suggest calling an expert for phone assistance is a new experience for me.  I must admit it was a bit unnerving at first until I got the gist of Comodo's procedures.  I don't know if other free anti-virus software have similar popups suggesting to call an expert for assistance.

I'm not going to give up on Comodo yet and still have it installed and running.  I don't mind ignoring the suggestions to call an expert for phone assistance as long as Comodo gives me an option to clean any malware it finds myself.  I just don't want constant popups to call a Comodo expert for assistance to clean my registry or clean unneeded files on my hard drive.  I just had another one of those this morning by the way.  There is an option to check to stop the popups but I haven't checked it yet to see if the popups are valid.

Regarding trusting JimC's word, I think that it self evident that I already do.  If not, I would not have installed Comodo in the first place.  Also, please note that this response to you is not in retaliation but just to explain what happened.

Best regards,

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