How to explore Leica glass on a Nex 7

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Re: How to explore Leica glass on a Nex 7

HeavyDuty wrote:

Jeff Kott wrote:

I have a Leica 40 and it has no magenta or other problems, nice and sharp. I would guess a 35 would also have few, if any, problems that need solving. If you are going to test a lens, you don't want to have to mess with it. And a 35 gives you the chance to shoot a variety of shots, so my vote is for the 35.

35 is the dividing line and you have to be careful. There's noticeable corner color shift with my ZM 35c, but none with my CV 35/1.2.

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Jeff Kott

Can anyone comment on how well the Cron 35 ASPH works on the NEX-7? I have an M to NEX adapter around here somewhere, but I've never tried any of my M glass on the NEX - I've been having to much fun with my OM lenses.

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Ken in Illinois
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M 35/2 ASPH Cron has "moderate" magenta cast and color smearing on NEX-7, but ok on C3 (and I think for other 16mp NEX too).  The M 35/1.4 ASPH Lux is "quite" ok on NEX-7 (and clean on C3).


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