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There's always a "better" camera

Last year a fellow street photographer on dpr, who shoots an M9, and I, who then shot a D3s, fantasized about getting  S2s, just to see what is would be like to shoot at that resolution.   Even though I could afford it, it seemed insane to spend 30k on a camera we might use maybe twice a year.   But the idea was there.

When the D800 came out, the itch was gone.   For 3k a camera was available that could use all my Nikon lenses and was not so far behind the S2, for my purposes, which were frivolous.   It could also be a smaller body to use with a D4, and they actually have complementary strengths and weaknesses.

So there's always a "better" camera one does not have.   I have a yen to own a Leica, but it makes no sense for me to spend the time to master the  focus system.  So I don't.

And I shoot street.   If the OMD-5 worked as well as the FF Nikons, I would buy it.   But, just to take the D800, there's better AF, DR, crop ability, viewfinder, plasticity in PP, high iso, DOF control, noise quality --it's just an all around more capable camera.    I'm sure I could take good photos with the OMD-5, but FF offers many advantages, and I'm happy with them.  Just as in audio there are very good small speakers, but they don't compete with the best big speakers, when you desire the best performance.

It's hard to buy a camera today that doesn't take a good picture of static subjects in good light.   Yet I've seen pros post that the D800 is not really good enough for them for landscapes.

So rest easy.  The OMD-5 is a very good camera.

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shot in downtown Manhattan. (street photos)

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