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Some thoughts: Here's the problem

First of all, this is a very old discussion. I think the first attempt to move SPP in a different direction came around 2005-2006. And at the time, many of the things that are being asked for now were suggested. Unfortunately (in both directions of the word), the only step away from real raw processing was to integrate printing. Other than Sandy, I know of no one who actually prints from SPP. I am sure there are more.

However, the basic direction of the discussion back then remains the same: Anything that is done in standard image editing programs generally belongs there. Global changes that are best handled during the raw development of X3F files, belong in SPP.

Many people compare SPP using ACR as a benchmark forgetting that ACR is a separate module within Adobe programs. It is not possible to do many of the things requested here in ACR: cropping, rotating, resizing, etc. Once you leave ACR, you do those things in Photoshop or Lightroom.

I believe this approach basically makes sense. Once you start adding stuff that other image editing programs do much better, you are on the way to Silkypix, which is feature and interface hëll in my opinion. (And if you see many elements of SPP in their interface, there is a reason for that.)

So push for improvements that relate to global Raw processing if you want to achieve something. Or push for a full-blown image editing program with integrated Raw development. Two different companies, imo.

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