The X100s is far a better camera than the X100, but...

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Re: The X100s is far a better camera than the X100, but...

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­I have been shooting with my X100 for a year and a half. I bought an XE-1 with the 18-55 six months ago and realized that it wasn’t the photographic experience I would enjoy. I took me back to my SLR and the world of changing lenses. And that’s what the X100 did. It made me approach photography in a total different way. Besides, I didn’t like the rendering that the RAW files gave me compared to what I was getting from my X100 using Lightroom as my workflow.

I bought the X100S now and I was playing with it all weekend. I shot RAW + fine Jpgs.

Wow. What a better camera it is. Faster in every possible way. AF now caught my kids as fast as any camera. Manual focus is a dream.

Image quality, amazing. To me, besides how much I liked the look of the camera, bottom line it was all about the image quality. It’s soooo much about image quality that sometimes I prefer the X100 look than what I can get from a Nikon D800. A matter of taste.


Is the IQ of the X100s better than the X100?

No. It’s not.

Is it worse?

No. It’s not worse. It’s just different. And the way I had to approach the correction in Lightroom is different.

You have to approach sharpening in a different way. If you abuse, like with any other camera, you get artifacts.

The jpgs OOC are very good by the way.

So. Is it a keeper?

I still have to see. I love so much my X100 and what it gives me that makes me think. On the other hand, what I could do this weekend with the X100s was a lot more versatile that what I would be able to do with my old X100.

Time will tell. So far, I’m keeping both and gonna give a good ride to the X100s this week in a trip to NY.



I've already sold my X100, for me at least the X100S was the better camera. However, I can see that if you preferred the image quality of the X100 to the X-E1 why you might hold the views you've set out. However, it isn't as simple as bayer vs x-trans, the (great) lens is the same, the resolution is better, the camera is faster, the jpegs are better, the MF improvements are great.

What I would say is that the RAW image quality isn't a finished article yet (but then LR 4.4 is a release candidate not a final version). What you've referred to as artefacts seems correlated to the use of the details slider rather than normal sharpening.

I agree. RAW image quality is not a finish article yet. I was working with LR 4.4 but just for a few hours. I took in consideration what you said about the details slider. Still I don't think that it fixes the sharpening issues. If there's any.

I agree the detail slider isn't a total fix for the issues with RAWs - it's more that it makes the issue worse if you use the detail slider. Without it the image at 100% looks like an image taken at a low shutter speed whereas at full screen size it looks so sharp you can see individual hairs.

Hopefully one that gets fixed in the final LR 4.4 implementation or in C1's implementation (note that C1 isn't currently compatible with X100S RAWs).

Well, there have been a great improvement already. Let's hope the final LR 4.4 makes things better.

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