Negative Voting DESTROYS "Challenges"

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Re: Negative Voting DESTROYS "Challenges"

proef wrote:

I haven't realized that anything less than 2.5 stars was a "negative" vote. I've assumed the stars were cumulative, and the entry with the most stars won.

DPR uses a Bayesian average to rank entries.

As to "sandbagging", I've given a half star vote when the entry did not follow the rules. For example, the "chair" challenge rules stipulated no closeups of chairs -- only chairs placed within a scene would qualify. Yet there were a number of chair closeups that were not DQ'd.

That is a common practice.

Finally. a question. How does not voting on an entry within a challenge in which one votes for other entries affect the score of the "unvoted" entry?

The more votes an entry gets the more weight is given to it's actual simple average vote. A good example is the recent "Birding" challenge. The 1st place entry had a slightly lower average than that of the 2nd place entry, but had enough votes for it's actual average to be used. The second place was given a lower score because it had fewer votes and enough weight was given to something lower to reduce it's actual average to a lower final score. The idea is that since the 1st place had more votes, more confidence could be placed in it's actual simple average. Of course the exact factors and thresholds used in the formula are not known.


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