Laptop for serious amateur photographer

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Re: Laptop for serious amateur photographer

alvie wrote:

I'm in the boat that you're in. I was going to buy a Mac but then you have to pay $200.00 for photoshop upgrade in order to use mac platform CS6.

That's Adobe's doing.  A Mac user of an old copy of Photoshop who was going to buy a Windows PC and move Photoshop to it would face the same "upgrade to cross-grade" fee.  (To make things more fun, I think Adobe now only allows upgrading from the immediately-previous version.)

You'll have to pay a minium of $1600.00 for the mac retina pro 13 inch

There are no laptops like the Retina MacBook Pros (whether 13-inch or 15-inch) anywhere in the Windows world.  But as a rule, if you go high-spec in the Windows world, you'll also have to pay for it.  (Take a look at the price on an HP EliteBook with DreamColor 2 IPS screen lately?)

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