First day with DP2M

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Re: First day with DP2M

Dovey wrote:

Some time ago I heard of the Slow Food Movement. The philosophy being that each part of the meal is appreciated fully, with less haste and a greater involvement of those participating in the meal. There should be an understanding of where the food came from, the soil etc, the culinary background of the recipe etc.

On a similar note, I understand that there is a Slow Photo Movement. The patron saint being Ansel Adams. As I was told this, he took a day or so to walk out to where he took many of the most iconic photos of all time and would take maybe one or two photos.

It appears that Sigma has made a camera that is ideally suited to the Slow Photo style.

Definitely a slow-photography camera. Couldn't agree more.

In fact, the DPM-series are much closer than other digital cameras to the film-based cameras of a few years ago. For those of us who grew up with film and are not therefore in the habit of shooting off frames by the hundreds, the DPM-series are perfect. In fact that much-discussed "fault", the limited battery life, is for many of us not a problem at all.

My DP2M is on order. I'm really looking forward to it.


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