Anybody else unhappy with Red River's R3000 profiles?

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Brian, you win!

Hugowolf wrote:

Have your tried using a perceptual rendering intent instead of relative colorimetric? ICC profiles allow for six lookup tables (LUTs), two for each intent. There should be an input to connection space table, and a connection space to output device table for each intent supported, and even an inexpensive profile builder should support tables for at least perceptual and relative colorimetric.

Brian A

Yes, Perceptual intent produces the correct purple block.  There is still something wrong with a lot of the R3000 RR profiles as that purple block soft-proofs blue with Relative and soft-proofs as purple with Perceptual.  Other RR profiles, Ex: Paper Canvas, soft-proofs purple for both Relative and Perceptual.  All my custom Red River paper profiles made with the Xrite I1PRO or Xrite Pulse system soft-proof as purple with both Relative and Perceptual.

Most users use Relative intent, I don't, I use Perceptual 99.9% of the time as I print mostly portraits and find the out of gamut remapped lighter colors of Perceptual more pleasing.  This is why I have never noticed anything wrong with RR supplied profiles when I first got my R3000.  My custom profiles eliminate all issues. Relative intent gives more saturated colors, especially with BP Comp. turned off.  So I can see where some users may be upset with not being able to use it correctly with some prints.  The Epson profiles also soft-proof the purple correctly with Relative or Perceptual.  RR has a problem.

Bob P.

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