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Patrick wrote:

I've looked at these shots on three computers and two tablets... These photos look very odd to me because every cardinal I have ever seen is red... just as Joms' subject title implies... but, these are clearly orange cardinals. Other than that, these might be the best bird shots I have seen come from Joms so this camera might have been just what he needed to step up his bird photography.

Hi Patrick,

I believe that what you're noting may be some combination of the longer reach and improved image stabilization in the HS50... and perhaps the vagaries of Velvia. The natural color of Northern Cardinals does vary significantly based on habitat and diet mainly. Many are quite more orange than red, and of course the hues are not uniform, and are rather varied throughout their plumage. But small-sensors especially tend to bloom their highlights yellowish well below the blowout point in bright sunlight. Such exposures can be very tricky with male Cardinals especially... which are seldom well-exposed by AE algorithms generally imo. You will see many images of Cardinals which are intensely more crimson than any seen in the wild. But while there are indeed some very red ones out there, too many photographers tend to over-saturate them badly in post, (which of course is a Cardinal sin).

The HS50 sensor and jpeg engine renderings mostly still look quite poor at high resolutions to me though, with much detail still being lost to smearing and noise, even at base ISO. I think we're also seeing either pretty poor focus and/or lack of sharpness in many or most of the full-reach shots posted to-date. The developed RAW of #6 in this set is by far the best we've seen yet I'd say. But all the full-sizers posted thus far otherwise are not for the faint of heart amongst us pixel-peepers.

Still, I'll bet we've not yet seen the best the HS50 can do.


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