Kim's explanation about the benefits of his EXR settings

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Re: Can you make posts more controversial?

Kim Letkeman wrote:

Rachotilko wrote:

The bigger X20 sensor has fewer pixels and no AA filter to try to up the effective resolution of the image and even then the jury is out whether its made any difference in the real world.

So far the results do seem about the same as the X10.

Let me disagree here: in hi-contrast situations (and DR400 chosen) X20's user has no option to protect the shadow details from destructive impact of shadow noise & NR; this is due to the lack of EXR split exposure algorithm. Evidence here

While I understand what you are saying and I generally agree with it, those examples do not show me what two images shot in RAW could do. So I cannot agree with the assertion as an absolute. I hope Fuji sends me both cameras when the X20 comes available for testing.

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It seems highly unlikely that X20's firmware would smear the shadow details this badly if it was not needed (due to the noise in the DR400's shadow lifts).

Anyway, this is what JPEG shooters have: the X10 DR400 JPEG is quite a bit less smeared in shadows than is the case of X20's DR400 JPEG.

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