F200EXR vs newer cameras

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I see it differently.
This proves that even with DR400 the F200EXR is not fully capable of preserving highlights. In some cases the Pureview is better even without such tricks. On top the F200EXR Velvia Film clipps some shadow details. This wouldn't happen on Standard film mode but hten photos appear washed out and cold (v1.2 updated)

If the goal was to preserve highlights, why did you not compensate the exposition to -0.33 as in the case of FZ200 ?

The shadow detail is quite smeared in case of FZ200 shots, while F200EXR manages to keep them well preserved or recoverable (in accordance with good old EXR tradition). F200EXR's shadow noise is so small on those ISO's, that the lifting of the shadows is quite effective in PP.

As to N808: it's got 1.75x bigger sensor area and it is CMOS sensor. No wonder they have more freedom in tweaking the tonecurves.

Muddy details? Oh yes: expecially in the lower corners the Fuji is just smearing everything. Bad lens - bad luck

The FZ200 is sharper but makes many artefacts ot 100% view. It's my zoom camera.

That's true, the borders are slightly soft. On the other hand, FZ200 is plagued by CA in your shots.

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