X-E1 vs nex 7 questions

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I know both - my verdict:

I had the Nex-7 and I found it to be an excellent camera. I now have the X-E1, it is also very good, but has also a few annoying weaknesses. But if you should buy the X-E1, I'd go with Fuji's own and very good lenses: The 18-55 is very good - 2 leagues above the Sony kit zoom, the new 14mm lens is excellent and practically up to the Zeiss Distagon 21mm level. You will not see smearing of magenta casts with the Fuji, at least not with Fuji lenses.

The optically least convincing is the 18mm F2, but it is still a decent and fast lens.

EVF is not that different in both, but in the Fuji the EVF is lagging and doesn't give a fluid image, specially in lower light. This was not the case in the Nex-7. Resolution is clearly better in the Nex 7, despite all the AA filterless mojo. One point where the Fuji is clearly better is high ISO and a characteristic colour look.



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