Need help selecting a lens: SEL-1855 or SEL-35F18

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Re: Need help selecting a lens: SEL-1855 or SEL-35F18

ijm5012 wrote:

Hey guys and gals,

So I've been doing a lot of research online, and have decided that I want to upgrade from a point and shoot to something that will take better photos. After going back and forth, I've decided to go with a NEX-6.
However, I am not sure what lens to get, either the SEL-1855 or a SEL-35F18. The 1855 is obviously far cheaper than the 35F18 (by about $300). I do not want a SELP1650 due to the documented issues with distortion and softness when shooting at both extremes of the lens.

Regarding what the camera and lens would be used for, it would be used for general photography. I would be shooting both indoors and outdoors, bright sunlight as well as evening.

Could some people with more experience help guide me in the right direction so that I make the right purchase the first time?
Thank you!

As already suggested, I would recommend giving the kit zoom a try, and add 35mm/1.8 as the low-light companion. I mostly use 35mm/1.8 on my NEX (I use the A-mount version, however), and 18-55 rarely sees the light, but that is due to the fact that shorter focal lengths are being covered with my A-mount camera (A55).

I can't speak for SEL1650 yet, but I have liked what I have seen from it. If it were great at all but max focal length, you could consider 50mm/1.8 instead.

OTOH, you could also consider going just prime, with a trio: 20mm, 35mm and 50mm if budget permits.

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