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What is a master disc?

JulesJ wrote:
I'm sure it does make sense, but If i copy a file to a USB stick, I plug in the stick and drag the file to it, job done. Why do they confuse burning a CD with that?

Totally useless option. Who would want to write a CD that can be read on only one operating system? This is why ISO standardized 9660 with Rockridge and Joliet extensions.

Leon Obers wrote:
Mastering is another method of CD writing. After burning / ending, files at the CD can not be changed anymore. The CD / DVD is "closed". Just what the text say at that choice.

This is not a master disc, this is "disc at once" (DAO) as opposed to "session at once" (SOA). Another phrase for it is Finalize Disc.

So what is master disc?

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