real d800 vs em5

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Still haven't learned what's "real" about this comparison...

All I can say is that until you've actually worked with D800 RAW files, you probably don't have a good sense of just how incredibly good D800 files are. The excellent DR, colors, and extraordinary D3s level high ISO ability aside, the 36 mp files offer tremendous options for cropping that just aren't available with my GH2.

Similarly, unless you've peered through it's large, bright OVF it's really difficult to evaluate or compare another camera to a quality FF DSLR like the D800 in any meaningful way.

Are there smaller cameras that have excellent IQ? Of course. Are cameras like the OMD or D7100 all the camera some will ever need? Of course. The IQ from the OMD may be more than good enough for most. And for certain types of shooting, it's small size is a plus. But if that is the argument in favor of the EM5 vs D800, it's kind of a weak one. With similar logic then a camera like the RX100 may actually be better for many users than the OMD as it's smaller, pocketable and IQ is more than many will ever need.

We might conclude that "IQ from the RX100 is excellent. While it's not as good as some larger, more expensive cameras, it may be all the camera most will ever need". My big question is: so what?

Why have a camera EM5 vs D800 comparison to simply conclude that "it's smaller and good enough for most"? So are a lot of cameras.

Yesterday I bought a NEX-3N. It's inexpensive, absolutely tiny and has focus peaking so I can easily adapt my AIS Nikkors. The NEX-3N has superb IQ that would satisfy even the most demanding pixel peeping users. Does that mean I'm going to sell my D800? Of course not. Even if by some fluke IQ matched the D800, it's small size is not always a bonus. Small cameras usually don't handle as well as larger, more robust cameras, files from the 3N are not as detailed, high ISO ability is nowhere near the D800, DOF control is not as good, and without the ability to accurately track moving subjects it's much less versatile of a camera.

By the way, neither of the sample images show off the best of either camera. The D800 is capable of much more impressive, detailed files, as is the OMD. I still have to wonder, where are all the OMD vs D7100 or OMD vs NEX-6 comparisons on this forum? Those might actually be a bit more realistic. This particular comparison against one of the best FF DSLRs ever made is not one the OMD can win. Except if you want to argue "it's smaller and more than enough camera for most users".

Cheers, and happy shooting, Markus

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