Connecting MBPro to TV

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Re: Connecting MBPro to TV

What types of input does the TV have?

  • Screw terminals?
  • A F-terminal for a screw-on antenna cable?
  • A composite video input (single RCA jack, not counting the ones for audio)?
  • A S-Video input?
  • A component video input (three RCA jacks, not counting the ones for audio)?
  • A VGA input (unlikely, but found on some HDTVs)?
  • A DVI input?
  • A HDMI input?

Standard VCR output will be one or more of (antenna cable, composite video, S-Video), but if your TV can do better, and you're not making a VCR recording, I wouldn't limit your presentation based on that.

HDTVs usually have at least one of the good types of input (component, VGA, DVI, HDMI).  (Those allow greater-than-NTSC resolution without conversion to RF and back.)

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