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Well folks, as we head quickly towards another July, it’ll soon be two-years since the brilliant FZ150 was announced by Panasonic. Doesn’t time fly – especially when we’re enjoying ourselves with such a wonderful FZ machine?

As I’ve already said many times, as far as I’m concerned, the 150’s by far and away the best FZ ever made when it comes to the photographic results attainable even at higher ISO settings in the Jpeg format. That’s a very convenient bonus indeed! To me, no other Panasonic camera in its class can match the FZ150 above ISO 200 when it comes to retaining fine detail. Yes, of course – and as one would naturally expect – there is noise to be found in FZ150 images. After all, it’s a so-called ‘pin-head’ sensor at the heart of the camera. Amongst the relatively tiny noise speckles, however, I still see a comparatively good amount of detail way beyond what was once classed as a reasonable limit for a small sensor. Hat’s off to the design guys for getting the sensor to venus engine marriage bang on with this one!

And almost two-years on, I’ve seen nothing whatsoever from Panasonic or any other bridge camera manufacturer to indicate that I don’t still own the cherry on top of a cake that I believe began many years ago with the FZ1 and currently extends to the 200. Regardless of what this year’s FZ250 will bring, I’ll probably still remain amazed by the FZ150’s ability to amaze me with its output straight from the camera in the Jpeg format. It will take one very special camera indeed for me to replace my FZ150!

Quite simply, I’ve seen no other FZ like it between ISO 250 and 1600. Even ISO 2000 (yes, two-thousand) is usable in some cases – and I am of course referring to the times that a lack of good light forces the situation rather than where good light otherwise reduces the effects of smearing and noise at any ISO setting above 400.

So, whilst I acknowledge that it’s primarily the FZ150’s comparatively brilliant high-ISO results that I find most appealing about the 2011 model, I respectfully ask other FZ150 users to reveal a reason or two as to why they still own and use this true gem of a camera – perhaps in preference to others.

Regardless of what you use the FZ150 to take photos of, an example shot would also be appreciated, although is by no means compulsory. As I’ve mentioned the high ISO capabilities, I’ll show high ISO examples in my next post below, but please feel free to contribute any images taken at any ISO settings if you fancy participating.

Providing you still use it, your views on the FZ150 are really what I’m interested in reading, because there’s just no way that this is an ISO 100 only machine – at least in my experience!

Thanks and regard always,

Stevie Boy.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ150
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