Cheap lens (not kit) challenge?

Started Mar 24, 2013 | Questions thread
Steve Throndson Senior Member • Posts: 2,702
Re: Cheap lens (not kit) challenge?

SQL guy,

I agree with Old Arrow that it would be difficult to 'police' such a challenge.  But, apart from that, I think it's a great idea!  It would truly be a challenge.  Entrants and viewers/voters would learn something, I'm sure - and isn't that one of the primary reasons for challenges?

Here's a thought - entrants could submit two photos - one for their entry, and one showing the camera and lens used to make it. The host could delete those extras before voting starts.

@ Old Arrow - is that possible with the hosts' current tools?

You might try PMs to the hosts.  Some may be hungry for new challenge ideas.

Another approach is to post a picture made with a cheap lens in one of the forums like 'Open Talk', and invite members to join in.   I recall one thread from last year that asked for photos made with 'under $10' lenses. I think it was in the Micro 4/3 forum.  There were a lot of tips exchanged - which adapters worked, where to get them, favorite lenses, etc.

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