Canon 550D or Nikon D5100 or Sony A37? Kindly advice

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Canon 550D or Nikon D5100 or Sony A37? Kindly advice

Hello guys, I'm in need of a basic/entry level D-SLR unit. My budget is within US$500. Now I've shortened my choices to three cameras, Nikon D5100, Canon 550D and the newly released Sony Alpha 37. Now some experienced users will say, oh another crap thread of asking which and what, just go to a store and see them by yourself. Well I've already done that, for the Canon and the Nikon. The Sony wasn't available. One more thing to add, that I'm not a fanboy of any brand, I like all the three brands mentioned here. Now as I've past experience with this, I haven't done much 'online comparison' of these units. Only viewed some samples here and there, same samples most of the times, excluding the Sony again, as it hasn't been reviewed either here or some places else which I used to follow.

Now my priorities are, Image Quality, Low Light photos and Macros. Other than these little fast action shooting, whenever the chance arrives. Now this is how I summarized the three different units, if thereasons are valid then please say, if they aren't then please correct them

Why I like the D5100:

- Greater Image Quality

- Better dynamic range

- Better low light results

- Tilt screen ( good for low level shots and movies imo)

Why I don't like the D5100:

- IS is in lens, which will result me in buying costlier lens, which I wanna avoid, as I'm not Bill Gates

- Lens options overall ( lesser than Canon)

- Little pricier than the both Canon and Sony

Why I like the Canon 550D:

- IS is in body, which will save me some money for additional lenses

- Great video recording

- Colour reproduction is better and accurate than Nikon?

- I'm getting it at a decent price

Why I don't like it:

- Image Quality is not as good as D5100?

- Poorer low light result than Nikon?

- Sensor of 2010 (2 years older than Sony, 1 year older than Nikon)

- No tilt screen

- Lower Dynamic range

Why l like the Sony A37:

- Newer sensor ( does this also mean better than the above?)

- I like the design

- I'll get it new ( the Canon and Nikon both I'll have but used, but in decent condition)

-  Fantastic video recording

Why I don't like it:

- EVF (I have never used it, I don't know if I like it!)

Canon EOS 550D (EOS Rebel T2i / EOS Kiss X4) Nikon D5100 Sony SLT-A37
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