Ways to market brides for photography?

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a couple of tidbits more

A buddy, a long time restaraunt manager, opened a pizza and ribs place just about a year ago. He's slowly built the biz to the point it pays the bills - rent, utilities, food, marketing. However, it's not paying him much of anything.
He's got great food, unique offerings, competitive pricing. He figures unless things pick up he's gonna have close up by mid summer - he can't keep working for free much longer even though he loves what he's doing, the complete control and the 'freedom' of being in charge of one's own destiny.
But there are lots of pizza shops and other restaurants competing for the same buck. Coupons will bring in some customers, but they are 'coupon' customers and just follow this weeks 'best deal'.
My wife opened a private psychotherapy practice, on the side at this point, in december and bt the time the ads hit and such it was mid january till the clients started coming. Her TOTAL marketing is ONE website, $29/month. She's able to pay march's bills/rent and put some in savings and take a tiny part as income. She's not yet paid off the investment (first/last months rent, furniture, signage, biz cards, insurance) but in 3 months she's on the positve side of the cash flow with growth rates that are amazing to me  She has already started to turn away clients...she still has a full time job. Her marketing is one listing on one website. Nothing more.
I'm sorry - I've been and am on 10 or 15 websites and don't get 10-15 customers a month from it. Do you?
We be in the wrong biz perhaps...anyone can be a photographer or make pizzas (his total investment to open up was under $10k). But to be a licensed psychotherapist takes 6 years of college and 3+ years on the job before you can even take the licensing test and then there is continuing education.  High barrier to entry so low supply means easy to get customers.
She's also had several therapists approach her to 'do a little work on the side' as essentially sub contractors. You don't see that with photographers - everyone wants to be the boss and run the show. Go try and get a photog to shoot a wedding for you - they want $900 as if they'd done all the work to book the job.
Yeah, considering alternatives is something I'm doing, and will continue to do. Says nothing about me as a photographer.

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