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Re: G5 - first impressions_Part II_IQ_good light

viorel wrote:

either: g5 applies some default noise reduction in raw files that is not dependent on in-camera setting for noise reduction and the corresponding camera jpeg processing sharpens back the files accordingly or Olympus is applying sharpening to their orf files.

I much appreciate your review and observations.  Nicely done.

Although I haven't done it nearly as systematically as you did, I've scrutinized the difference between raw files captured with my EPL5 and G5. At 100%, I see no difference in detail/sharpness at all except at high ISOs, so I'm guessing your ORF and RW2 files are equally sharp.  What must be different is some LR default for noise reduction, sharpness, detail, or the unsharp mask.  I did most of my comparisons in Noise Ninja, so maybe the default handling/interpretation of ORF and RW2 files there is more uniform than in Lightroom.

Anyway, thanks for your analysis.  There's something about the G5 that says plasticky the first time you pick it up. I'm not sure whether it's the light weight or what. I came to it from a GH2 and my initial response was that the G5 wasn't as well built.  That perception lasted for all of 24 hours. While it remains small and light, it now feels solid and well built to me. There's nothing about the wheels, buttons, or articulating screen that feels fragile or like it won't hold up. My main objection is the placement of the Quick Menu button and the loss of the MAR sensor. Otherwise, as you said, the colors and dynamic range are nicely improved over the GH2 and GX1, both of which I used to own.

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