Epson R2880 Troubles, Troubles, Troubles

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Re: Epson R2880 Troubles, Troubles, Troubles

erricsson wrote:

jtoolman wrote:

I now run a utility to print a purge chart every week, whether I initiate print jobs to it or not.
It is available thorugh

Hope you still refer back here. I've just stumbled across this thread while scouring the net for a solution to my trouble with my Epson R2880. I can produce about 10 prints (about equal amounts of colour and BW) and then 5 minutes later the prints begin to look scary because most of the nozzles are blocked or blocking fast. Just that quick!! Just about to try Magic Bullet for the 2nd time in a week but also wondered if you could tell me is if the download ttp:// is Mac compatible?

No. Only for PC. Says so right next to the download for the ZIP file.

Using CIS system that I have just got from If I do any more cleaning cycles I can see the waste ink in the printer maxing soon!!!

You are probably loosing ink flow from your ciss to your dampers. If you were getting the great print and suddenly you are not, that leads me to believe you are loosing your PRIMING in your dampers or carts that the CISS tubes feed into. The height position of the reservoir ink tanks has to be pretty me perfect. There is not to much leeway from the "Happy" point.

Way back in the day when I did use a CISS ( I have over 18 printers currently operating ) I found that I had to raise my tanks about the height of a VHS tape box.

Too low and the ink will syphon back out of the dampers. Too high and the ink with syphon into the dampers and drain out in the waste pads through the head and the purge unit.

Bet you anything that if you install a set of OEM or properly filled and primed refillable carts you will not have this problem.


Thanks for any help.

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