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Re: D800 vs EM5 Image Comparison: proves what exactly?

tgutgu wrote:

BBViet wrote:

To those who claim that the D800's advantages are not worth the significantly higher price tag:

The RX100 is half the size, weight, and cost of the EM-5. It can take photos as good as the EM-5 90% of the time, too.

The tiny, $30 camera module on your smartphone can produce photos good enough for most people, too.

Aren't you feeling a little ripped off now?

None of your "alternatives" have interchangeable lenses and the focal lengths I need. So your comparison is pointless.

Feel free to substitute the RX100 for any of the entry-level DSLR: D5100, A57, 600D, etc...

You can also replace the phone camera with any $300 superzooms. They surely cover most of the focal length you need.

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