Refillable cartridges for the Epson 4900

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Re: Refillable cartridges for the Epson 4900

Hi Watty,

I use an rather "old" Epson 4000 with refillable cartriges and Octopus K2 compatible pigmented inks. Even without any color management the output is 1:1 comparable with original cartriges.

Octopus Fluids Ink 1000ml 45€

Original Catriges OEM Epson 79€ 220ml (~equals 359€ per Litre)

Its 87% cheaper for me printing with the non OEM Option...

My printer is now running since 23:00 yesterday with a two hour gap inbeetween, i had to unpack A2 sheets and pour more ink into the cartriges light magenta and light cyan depletes fast. I am printing batch jobs with the printers, not that high standart photoqualtiy its takes TOO long to print.

If I would use the printer for occasional prints, photographs and stuff I would probably never changed to the refillable option but now working great. I am even using the cheapest paper aviable on the market, i dont want to plug it as advertise but you should see this

100 A2 Sheets glossy for ridiclously 22 € (~18.7 GBP / ~28.5 USD) I use this paper for prepress

presentations, exibition material and stuff. I dont realyl care if i miss print.  Only CHEAPER Solution

for me would be if you bought 36" roll papermedia and cut it myself into 17" pieces, even with the loss of material due cutlosses. but i dont want to manually cut paperrolls with a saw...

good source in uk for SP4900 Bulk ink

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