Finally...Tamron beats Nikon

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Re: Finally...Tamron beats Nikon

Brev00 wrote:

I own the Tamron, as you know, and am more than pleased with it. I often keep it on my camera for drive arounds. But, I do think that the competitive nature of your threads invites negative participation. There is a difference between enjoying a lens and getting every ounce of image quality out of it and stating that it has won some undeclared contest. Photography is, in the end, an artistic pursuit in which we all gain from each other's experiences. The Impressionists were a gang of very different folk who fed off each other to create some of the greatest art work in history. So, I see no reason to be so competitive and dislike it when it comes from Nikon shooters, too. There is no 'best', only what works best for you. Being open to the opinions of others makes one less rigid, more capable of growth in a way that helps us all win.

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Easy there, two cents!

Of course you're right. And if/when we're not using gear to make money I want to have FUN with it. Sometimes that means not hauling around my best glass. I own/have owned some really great lenses, but lately I'm smitten with my little Nikon 24-85vr and the Tamron 70-300vc. That doesn't mean they're "better" than my primes or a pro zoom like the VRII. It just means that I'm impressed with the good quality irrespective of price.

And for someone like me, who likes to chant, "There's no substitute for fast glass." that's saying something.

BTW, Brev..not sure if you saw the distance sharpness test with the Tamron:

This was shot wide open in somewhat lousy light. The last crop shows the lock on the hatch of the boat (about 12 pixels across!). So much for DXO resolution tests.

I'll post comparison to the 300mm F4 shortly. But I'll tell you this, the F4 needs a fast shutter or a tripod to by typically as sharp as the Tamron. The F4 potential sharpness is a bit higher and much better outside of the center of the frame of course.


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