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Re: D800 vs EM5 Image Comparison: proves what exactly?

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I made the comparisons with APS-C, D5200 and 24mp FF, OMD is better than aps-c 24mp d5200 and on a par with a FF D600, all the way to iso 6400

This is nonsense. Whatever its strengths, my OMD doesn't get anywhere near my D700 above ISO 1600. I don't believe the D600 is so much worse than the D700 at high ISOs

From studio samples, iso 6400, d600 left, em5 right

Above, d5200 left em5 right, iso6400

I just checked with the DPR studio comparision tool. At ISO6400 the EM-5 had f6.3 1/1600s vs f8 1/2000s for the D5200. That's a whole stop worth of extra light the EM-5 got, so it's no surprise that the EM-5 can compete in high ISO at Olympus's overstated ISO.

You cant use shutter and aperture to judge exposure in the studio scene. DPR do not ensure controlled lighting.

Just because DPR says they aren't controlling the lighting doesn't mean the lighting varies wildly enough between cameras to warrant as much as 1 stop of difference in exposure.

Take DPR's reviews of the NEX series for example, over the course of 3 years the shutter speeds at F8 and ISO 1600 of the 7 cameras have remained stable between 1/400s and 1/500s.

The EM-5 may still be an exception, but other Olympus cameras also have these large exposure discrepancies so I will go with Olympus being generous (compared to other manufacturers) with their ISO ratings.

But if controlled testing is what you want then look at DxO scores for the EM-5 and D5200.

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