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Re: a few from the Fuji cams ...

Kim Letkeman wrote:

jcmarfilph wrote:

Tim39 wrote:

jcmarfilph wrote:

I can't hardly see any detail here that will better my shots so are you kiddin me? These are oversharpened websize images to conceal smeary and mushy detail. High ISOs are OK though.

Don't hold back, Joms. Let Kim know what you really think!

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Kim's snotty line is always like this.... "You should have used this setting (link to NS EXR crap), I can do better than this with link to (DSLR crap)" and will post samples all perfectly fit for smartphone screen.

No, that is not my line, snotty or otherwise. Every camera has its strengths, the 1/2" sensor cannot be shot the same way as the 4/3" sensor or the APS-C sensor. I showed samples from each, and you like to dismiss it all with one useless misdirection after another.

You generalized settings based on your preferred type of shooting i.e wide angle shot of a thread and crayons.

Since you are obviously bent on ignoring the best modes of EXR cameras,

Nope. See my HS50 settings, I am using M size DR400 for casual type of shooting that doesn't require cropping and resolution for large printing. But for birds and macro, LSize is the way to go.

and since you obviously love to assert that my images are good for smartphone only (when in fact I post crops all the time to show the detail at 100%,)

Which one? 100% crop of a DSLR? Why don't you show 100% crops of upsized MSize to 16MP  images of your X-S1 and HS25.

you can best contemplate a snotty attitude by having a look in a mirror.

Your image is the one I am seeing right now. I have a magic mirror in front of me.

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