Would the wcon-p01 attach to the 45mm 1.8? Thank you inadvance.

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Re: Thanks! Well i do have a faulty plastic mount. However, it is really soft so am returning it.

I have the WCON-1 and used to use it with my kit lens quite a bit.  Although I have to admit that I use my kit lens less and less, so the WCON-1 has been hardly used in the last 12 months.  I don't think that this combination was ever intended to be used, just happens to be due to using the same bayonet to allow the MCON-1 to work with several lenses.

It does fit onto my 45mm f1.8.  As mentioned it makes everything very soft.  If you want a prime between 14mm and 45mm on a budget then perhaps look at legacy lenses.  Pretty sure that there's an OM 28mm and 35mm.  Or like others have said...go for the Pany 20mm or one of the Sigmas.

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