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Re: Why burn disks?

Franglais91 wrote:

I upgraded my main laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 8. I also bought a Windows RT Surface tablet. I think that the Metro interface makes sense only if you have a system with a touch screen - and even then you sometimes need a mouse for precise pointing jobs. I'm quite impressed with the Surface and it's fold-away keyboard for lightweight tasks.

I haven't "burnt a disk" in months or even years. What are you burning to disk?

How nice for you. In addition to our normal portrait family sessions every few weeks we shoot business portraits for business and private people to use on their websites and for personal use. They get to take the disc of the image away after the shoot and they pay there and then. If we do say eight sessions in a in the day and charge an average of £200 per client it is a good return for about £4 worth of discs. Just because you don't need them doesn't mean no one else does. We also use printable CDs and print each with our log and info as well as putting them into jewel cases similarly with personalised covers inside. They look very cool and professional...and make us money which is what we are in business for (and have been for over 25 years! )

We also burn every session to disc after each session as well as copying to two drives. Having backups on DVDs has saved our bacon on a couple of occasions. Hard drives can lose a lot of info very quickly.


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