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garrywatson wrote:

The white balloon you are talking about is actually a flash diffuser. It diffuses the light coming from the light source, thereby decreasing its harshness. If you are a new comer, do not use flash as you won’t be able to light up your subject appropriately.

Earlier UV filters were used for protecting your camera lenses from harsh UV rays

No. That is not true. It was nothing to do with "protecting lenses," or "harshness." 

Film is sensitive to UV light, but to human eyes, and digital sensors, it is invisible.

UV filters were used to absorb Ultra Violet light and prevent it passing through the lens and in to the light-sensitive film emulsion, because it had TWO deleterious effects when it got there...

1) With black and white film UV light increases HAZE showing in distant views, so a UV "haze cut" filter was used restore visible detail in distant horizons to appear more as the photographer viewed it.

2) In addition to the distant haze effect, in colour film excesses of Ultra Violet light were recorded in the Blue sensitive layer only, leading to an unnatural blue cast over the whole shot. The blue could be quite strong, and was most noticeable on sunny days at sea or on the beach, or at altitude, skiing etc. A UV filter would reduce it.

It happens that ordinary glass absorbs UV very effectively, so, as complex lenses were developed and grew to have multiple elements, (zooms) the necessity to use UV filters for Ultra Violet light control pretty much disappeared long before digital cameras arrived, which cameras, as stated, are not sensitive to UV anyway.

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