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Burning discs on 7 is a pain compared to on a Mac. Anyone tried 8 yet?

What's the problem with burning disks on Win 7?

It's a pain, it takes loads of key clicks and different windows, including the dumb question, Do you want to burn to a USB????? No I want to burn to a disc that's why i put one in the draw!!! Doh. as described, phantom files always appear and have to be deleted. have you ever burned discs using a Mac? You won't want to use a PC ever again.

I guess Win8 doesn't work differently from Win7 for brurning CD's (I have no experience using Win7).
But as for Win8, just READ what the choice could be. It is not saying it shall burn a USB device.
The explaining text suggest the way of acting of the CD is "LIKE" you are using a USB-device.
(Comparable as using a USB-stick. Just "copying" files to CD, or "delete" it afterwards).
Because this method is not general for all OS'es, the CD can not alway be read on another system.

I'm sure it does make sense, but If i copy a file to a USB stick, I plug in the stick and drag the file to it, job done. Why do they confuse burning a CD with that?

Mastering is another method of CD writing. After burning / ending, files at the CD can not be changed anymore. The CD / DVD is "closed". Just what the text say at that choice.

Yes, I'm aware of that, except of course with RW discs.

I don't know what you mean by "phantom files". There is nothing to be deleted for burning files.

Files that are there but greyed out, or they have one of your original file names but start with an underscore eg


They don't seem to have a point!


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