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Re: My HS50 EXR - Settings & Examples ...

Lloydy wrote:

... I've spent a couple of days playing with settings on my Fujifilm HS50 EXR and the settings below are what I have ended up using for the present.

The reason I say that is that I am not overly satisfied with the results I am getting with the Jpegs and some more experimentation is needed. I have not processed any Raw images yet.

My main complaint is lack of detail in the images. By the way, for those who are wondering about the focus speed, I am finding it focuses faster than the HS30 EXR and shot to shot times leave no complaint.

Anyhow, the settings :
ISO - 1600 (Auto)
Image Size - M 4:3 (Like most EXR cameras, shooting at M size produces benefits. The main one is less noise)
Image Quality - Fine + Raw (I always shoot Raw but am only using the Jpegs in the examples which will follow)
Dynamic Range - DR 200
Film Simulation - STD (Provia) (Normally I shoot Astra but for now Provia)
White Balance - Auto
Color 0
Tone 0
Sharpness +2
Noise Reduction 0
Photometry - Average
AF Mode - Tracking
Electronic Level - On
Exposure Compensation - Minus 0.33EV

Examples next post

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could you explain please why ISO - 1600 (Auto) from what I have read high ISO means more noise

so why not use 1so 400 would that not produce less noise etc etc

Tom G

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