Autopoles vs Zipwall

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Re: Autopoles vs Zipwall

If you just using them for indoors with normal ceiling heights, you should be able to get away using knockoffs. The thing I like with my Autopoles is they sell add on legs to use them when ceilings are to tall or for use outdoors. Not to mention they add a lot of extra support. (especially if you use superclamps attached to it like I do to hold an additional hair light without taking up floor space, or if you want to use it with a boom).

Heres a link to a thread with pics of my Autopoles with super clamp and boom with an AB head:

Jaguar3 wrote:

I'm looking to get a new backdrop support for my home studio. Autopoles seem like they'd be ideal, however zipwalls seem like the exact same thing for half the price. Has anyone used them instead? Do the Manfrotto 044 background supports fit on the zipwalls?

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