Sigma's new lens testing 'A1' done on all lenses or only new ones?

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Re: Sigma's new lens testing 'A1' done on all lenses or only new ones?

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

nandadevieast wrote:


They said they are testing their lenses on A1, to ensure better focus accuracy.

Are all current lenses being manufactured going thru this process? Or only the few art/C lenses?

So lets say, the 85/1.4 testing is also done like that, or is it old process....

Any idea?

It was unclear to me also, but I got the feeling that they were using the new process only on the newer lenses that also supported the USB dock.

The reason I was thinking that, is that I think they may be baking a fixed adjustment factor into the lens by default based on the results of factory testing. At least that seems like a reasonable approach to me, I have no idea if that is being done or not - but the lenses could more easily have that ability with the more flexible firmware that was designed to have custom corrections built in.

Thanks. I also thought they are talking about new lenses.

Was interested in their 50 and 85, looks like it will be better to wait till they update these two.


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