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Re: D800 vs EM5 Image Comparison: proves what exactly?

tgutgu wrote:

BBViet wrote:

To those who claim that the D800's advantages are not worth the significantly higher price tag:

The RX100 is half the size, weight, and cost of the EM-5. It can take photos as good as the EM-5 90% of the time, too.

The tiny, $30 camera module on your smartphone can produce photos good enough for most people, too.

Aren't you feeling a little ripped off now?

None of your "alternatives" have interchangeable lenses and the focal lengths I need. So your comparison is pointless.

To be fair in the current state of affairs FF offers vastly more versatility than M43. You might say that for your personal needs (and mine, indeed) these extra facilities are not needed, but the personal needs of a large section of the public are probably fully satisfied by mobile phones and they are as valid photographers as you and me.

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