E-M5, 12-50 kit lens and a model named Ophelia Overdose

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Re: E-M5, 12-50 kit lens and a model named Ophelia Overdose


i don't mind you playing around with those images although they are a bit too small imo I usually show the final results here but assumed that some out of cam images might be interesting too. And i like your softer version, the 45/1.8 truely is a beast regarding sharpness and AF speed.

The light is actually quite simple, i used a large strip light on both sets, on the one with the grey background it was in the front right corner and mounted high with an additional spot on the bg, on the set with the cardboard bg it was in the front left corner and mounted a bit lower to cover the whole body. I prefer to have only one dominant light when shooting with composing in mind because it is damned hard to handle shadows from multiple light sources. And i have to admit that i like the more dramatic effect of one strong light source compared to the rather flat beauty dish fashion style lighting we usually get to see. Plus i am lazy

Regarding the model: Ophelia is rather well known, last time i checked her fb page she had 42000++ likes. She also is the most professional model i've ever worked with, very good looking although not every curve is  completely god given ;-), a good actress, perfect posing, mimics and body control and she has an interesting choice of outfits including matching wigs and coloured contact lenses. Unfortuntely she is also rather expensive and while i am willing to pay a reasonable amount for a good model, this time it was a model sharing arranged by one of my professional photographer friends to make it affordable.

And yes, those scars are worrying and we all noticed them but as a photographer you just don't ask. Otherwise she's a very nice and smart young lady with a lot of humor and very easy going.


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