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Re: Comodo Internet Security (free version)

skyglider wrote:

BTW, installing Comodo put 6 icons on my desktop:
  1. AntiError.
  2. Comodo Dragon.
  3. GeekBuddy.
  4. Internet Security.
  5. Shared Space.
  6. Virtual Comodo Dragon.

Do I need all of them? Can I uninstall some of them? (I found on the Comodo website that GeekBuddy can be uninstalled.)

After 2 days of running Comodo Internet Security, a popup occurred saying that Anti-error found a problem with my computer.  Clicked the popup and it listed 4 problems (paraphrasing):

  1. Junk entries in my registry.
  2. Junk files on my hard drive.
  3. Junk in my browser.
  4. Something about Firefox addons.

Each problem asked if I wanted to contact GeekBuddy to clean my PC.  This is a scare tactic in my opinion and maybe a possible way for Comodo to charge me for assistance or maybe to encourage me to buy the paid for version.  Just a guess on my part.

In any event, I uninstalled GeekBuddy.  Doing that apparently also uninstalled AntiError since the AntiError link on the desktop does not work anymore (which is a good thing).  So uninstalling GeekBuddy allowed me to delete 2 of the desktop icons listed above (AntiError & GeekBuddy).

For the uninitiated, I learned that Comodo Dragon is the Google Chrome Web Browser that has been modified by Comodo.  I'll keep it for now in case I decide to try it later.

Hope this helps someone who might want to try Comodo Internet Security,

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