Upgrading Kit-Lens to "L" Lens

Started Mar 25, 2013 | Questions thread
Alphoid Veteran Member • Posts: 5,333

Back when I was a student, the 70-200mm was my dream lens. Then I rented one. The thing weighs 1.3kg -- the same as a laptop, was close to 20cm long. Before I tried it, I really did not think I would mind. After using one, I realized this was an object I would never use, and I saved myself close to $2000.

I ended up with a wonderful 85mm f/1.4 instead. With crops, this behaves much like an 85-170mm f/1.4-2.8. It's reasonably compact, and generally works stunningly well (upgrading my glass from really did make a very big difference in quality of phoos).

You take different photos than I do, so I'm not advising specific equipment. I am advising that before you plop down $2000 on glass, you rent or otherwise try before you buy.

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