Samsung NX300 vs Sony A99 Noise Performance Test (link)

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Re: Hahaha..LMAO

Jorginho wrote:

And then the reactions to this prank...some of you really think this is a credible result, when we try a Sony A99 with the best possible outcome to the NX300 with the same best settings. Please: get real. it is very simple:

I see Korean characters and I know that in such cases what the outcome is. Samsung also showed us an APS-c sensor that appeared to be 4 imes the size of m43 sensor. In a Samsung add. Now this....

The NX300 may be a very good sensor, may be the best APS-c you can get. We'll find out soon. But this test is not very helpfull if it wants us to show a true comparison. The Sony sensor in the A99 will easily outperfrom any APS-c/m43 sensor. In my terms, and I rarely use such terms: it will blow it away.

I don't understand how the A99 will blow any apsc sensor away, it is not exactly a star performer in regards to hi iso. Just have a quick check at the DPR image comparsion at raw, it can't even blow the NX200 away. Certainly not in 100% crop mode, maybe if you shrink the image down to screen size or smaller.

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